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Siddhaur city is located in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh close to the banks of River Gomti. It is located at a distance of 31 km away from its district Headquarters Barabanki, 28 km away from its Tehsil Headquarters Haidergarh, 50 km away from state capital Lucknow and 616 km away from the national capital Delhi. The city was actually known as “Siddhpura” but with time the named changed to Siddhaur. Lord Kali Sahay Saheb was a well-known ruler from Siddhaur Empire.

People of all religions and castes reside in Siddhaur. The locals in the city speak Hindi, Urdu and Awadhi. The total population in the city as per 2011 population census is 12438. Agriculture is the main occupation of the locals here and the main crops cultivated here are potatoes, sugar cane, tomato, opium and many fruits. Few agro based industries also operates here. 

Geography of Siddhaur

Geography of SiddhaurSiddhaur city is elevated at a height of 116 meters above sea level and it got its coordinates at 26° 46' 10? North latitude and 81° 25' 5? East longitude. The city is surrounded by Trivediganj Tehsil in the South, Mawai Tehsil in the East, Haidargarh Tehsil in the South and Harakh Tehsil in the west. Siddhaur is sited on the border of its district which makes the city much closer to its neighbouring district of Faizabad towards its East. River Gomti flows very close to the borders of Siddhaur city towards its South West.

Climate in Siddhaur

Summers are very hot and long while the winters are cool in Siddhaur. The highest day time summer temperature in Siddhaur is recorded between 26 ° C to 47° C from March to May. The months of January and February records the lowest day temperature in Siddhaur ranging between 16 ° C to 19 ° C.   

Localities nearby Siddhaur

The major localities sited close to Siddhaur are Zaidpur at 10 km away, Rudauli at 40 km away, Lucknow at 50 km away and Jais at 65 km away. The taluks that are located nearby Siddhaur city are Trivediganj at 19 km away, Haidargarh at 21 km away and Mawai at 21 km away. The districts that lie close to Siddhaur are Lucknow at 52 km away, Rae Bareli at 69 km away and Gonda at 77 km away.      

The localities that are sited surrounding Siddhaur are Deeen Panah and Rai Pur in its north, Tilsia and Mohammad Pur Chandi s in its east, Husainpur and Saidpur Purai in its south & Bimiya Mau and Aligarh localities in its west.

Administration in Siddhaur

Siddhaur city constitutes a Nagar Panchayat with 11 wards for which elections are held once in 5 years to elect 11 ward members to the Siddhaur Nagar Panchayat to form the local self-government in the city. The city functions under Faizabad administrative division of Uttar Pradesh state administration.

Siddhaur belongs to Haidergarh sub district or Tehsil of Barabanki district which is one of the 6 sub districts in Barabanki apart from Nawabganj, Fatehpur, Ram Nagar, Ramsanehi Ghat and Sirauli Ghauspur. The city is one of the 15 developmental blocks in Barabanki operating within Haidergarh Tehsil as its Tehsil Headquarters. 

Siddhaur belongs to Barabanki Lok Sabha constituency which is reserved to schedule caste candidates and the current MP of the constituency is Smt Priyanka Singh Rawat elected to Indian parliament in 2014. The city comes within Haidergarh Vidhan sabha constituency with assembly constituency number 272 and the current MLA of the constituency is Shri Ram Magan elected to Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly in the year 2012. 

Tourism in Siddhaur

The city is popular for its places of worship which brings in devotees from all over the district to its grounds every year. The Siddheshwar Mahadev temple is a famous place in Siddhaur which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shivaratri is celebrated in a grand scale in the temple and an annual fair in  the months of December and January organized in the temple is well-known in Barabanki district.

Siddheshwar Mahadev temple
Siddhaur, Uttar Pradesh - 225413 

Tourist Places nearby Siddhaur

The city is located amidst many popular tourist destinations in its district like Lucknow at 50 km away, Rae Bareli at 73 km away, Faizabad at 84 km away, Ayodhya at 90 km away and Sravasti at 150 km away.

Retail Stores in Siddhaur

The city operates retail stores in all its prime localities to provide all kinds of provisions to its customers from all over the block.

Qurrashi Super Mart
Sahara Q Shop
Mill Choraha, Mohamaddpur Road
Siddhaur, Uttar Pradesh – 225413
Phone no: 9936266158

Aman Kirana Store
Siddhaur, Uttar Pradesh - 225413
Phone no: 9807234922

Textile Stores in Siddhaur

The city functions few textile stores which brings in customers from all over Siddhaur developmental block.

Nisbah Readymade Shopping Centre
: Meel Chauraha
Kesarganj Road
Siddhaur, Uttar Pradesh – 225413
Phone no: 8738948037, 9936373799

Tulsi Garments
Siddhaur, Uttar Pradesh - 225413
Phone no: 9648964515

Saksham Vastralaya
Siddhaur, Uttar Pradesh - 225413
Phone no: 9198789794

Banks in Siddhaur

The city operates the bank branch of the regional rural bank Gramin Bank of Aryavart which offers numerous beneficial saving schemes form the locals.

Gramin Bank Of Aryavart
Siddhaur, Uttar Pradesh - 225413
Phone no: 7388800347

Regional Passport Office for Siddhaur

Lucknow passport office is the regional passport office for Siddhaur developmental block where the citizens of Siddhaur can apply for their travel passports.

Lucknow Passport Office
Passport Bhawan, Vipin Khand
Gomti Nagar
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh- 2265010
Phone no: 0522-2305130

Transport in Siddhaur

The city has an average transport facility in its ground. The Uttar Pradesh state highway UP SH 13 runs along the northern boundary of the city linking Siddhaur with its nearby districts of Bahraich, Raebareli, Banda and Fatehpur. The highway with a route name Bahraich to Barabanki to Haidargarh to Fatehpur to Banda Marg road connects the developmental block of Siddhaur with its neighbouring localities of Deeen Panah, Bharthai, Bhetaura Lakhan, Shekh Pur Hakim, Nawab Pur Kondri, Nawabpur, Kopwa, Murli Ganj, Tilsia, Mamrakha Pur, Malhauli, Pithoorpur, Jagatpur, Sekatpur, Bhikhar Pur and many more.

The city doesn’t own an airport or a railway station. The Lucknow railway station is the major railway station that is located close to the city at 53 km away. Safdarganj railway station at 17 km away and Saidkhanpur railway station at 17 km away are the two other railway stations sited close to Siddhaur. Amausi airport at 57 km away and Kanpur airport at 119 km away are the two airports located close to the city.

Bus Services in Siddhaur

Arif Travels is a well-known private bus hiring agency functioning in Siddhaur which provides vehicles for tours and travels.

Arif Travels
Siddhaur, Uttar Pradesh - 225413
Phone no: 9956289271, 9889863379

Quick Facts about Siddhaur

State: Uttar Pradesh
District: Barabanki
Tehsil: Haidergarh
Division: Faizabad
Altitude: 116 m
Latitude: 26° 46' 10" N
Longitude: 81° 25' 5" E
Population: 12438
PIN Code: 225413
STD Code: 05241

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